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The production is simply outstanding. Every song is gorgeous and soothing. Despite being a metalhead and not knowing a thing about you or Kundalini yoga, The Voice Of An Angel is a wonderful experience, beautiful and peaceful to escape into.  You did an incredible job, as each song stands as a testament to the heart and hard work that went into it.  You have brought a perfect Angel into the world.

Jamie D.

I absolutely Love this! This needs to be spread across social media for everyone to hear!

Carey M.

Stunning. Wow, I hear your heart in this album. I can feel your experience with sorrow. It comes through as: I have walked this path too. It is comforting. Thank you!

Sat Nam Kaur

Listening to the album as I write. It’s ethereal. Beautiful.

Barbara Gee

The album is wonderful. Such a good set to play for my mornings. I love it!

Joe White

It is quite beautiful and creative. I like the tempo changes and how Ong Namo turns into a jam. Guru Ram Das is my favorite.

Thomas Barquee


Robert M.

Sat Avtar captured the beauty and essence of mantra with her angelic voice. A gifted songstress and teacher, this album is inspirational.

About The Album

Sat Avtar’s rave-reviewed debut album embodies a remarkably mature, deeply experienced devotional energy and a musical craft worth noting for a first release written and co-produced by the singer herself. You can’t help but feel a sense of reverent grace, delicate beauty and spiritual inspiration in the crystal tones of Sat Avtar’s smooth and sweet voice. It glides gently down into your heart opening it as the sun opens spring flowers. A feeling of hope that pervades all trials and tribulations can be heard enlightening you to the fact that this singer sings from the heart of the experience.

The upbeat tempos and groovy rhythm of Ra Ma Da Sa transport you to white sand beaches where your troubles are washed away with the blue rippled waves, contrasting the deeply emotional Aad Guray Nameh, where one can hear the solace and sorrow of the singer calling out in a prayer of healing so sincere it can bring tears of deeply felt emotion.

Surprisingly, Sat Avtar is no lifelong singer with a talented lineage or family of yogi’s. Her experience with Kundalini Yoga began in college seventeen years ago. She only pursued recording with the encouragement of others after a profound experience during a health crisis when the voice of an angel guided her to the path she is now walking. Four years of dedication to the craft of singing, and deepening her own spiritual connection and understanding resulted in the creation of a debut album that will heal hearts, raise spirits and pave the way for Sat Avtar to share deeply healing music with the world.